Shipping a Car to Arizona: How to Get Ready and Stuff

If the car you’re shipping is your everyday ride, you’re probably counting on it to get you to work and take your family wherever they gotta be. If it’s some fancy or bougie car, you probably feel super proud to own it. Any other type of car in between can be hella expensive and something you don’t wanna mess up.

That’s why it’s super important to get your car ready for hauling. In this guide, I’ll show you how to pick a company to transport your car and get it all set for the car hauler. Let’s get started!

Picking Your Company

So, the first thing you gotta do is pick a car transport company. There are a couple of things to think about in this whole process.

Trying to decide between an open or enclosed hauler.

When you’re looking for “car shipping Arizona,” make sure the company can actually ship from where you are to where you want to go. Also, don’t forget to check if they have the kind of hauler you prefer. Some companies only have one option.

Going for an enclosed hauler is usually pricier ’cause they can only transport fewer cars at a time. But, if you wanna keep your car safe from the elements and any rocks or stuff that might come flying on the highway, this is the perfect choice.

Luckily, AutoStar Transport Express has got you covered with open or enclosed transporters. You can pick the one that works best for you.

Do They Work with Your Type of Vehicle?

Before you make up your mind about a car transport company, do some research on what kinds of vehicles they’re into, high-end cars. Since these rides can be pretty expensive, with the average fancy car costing around 75 grand as of January 2023, you don’t wanna just hand it over to anyone, ya know? If you don’t see anything on their site, just hit them up and ask about their experience with your kind of vehicle. Basically, you wanna know what the staff will do to keep your car safe, right?

Get the Lowdown on the Price Before You Make Any Plans

So, when you’re looking up “car shipping Arizona” and you find a company, you make sure you check out the prices first. You don’t wanna be hit with any surprise fees that you didn’t know about in the first place.

You can usually check out the company’s website to get an idea of their prices. Since some companies might tack on extra fees and stuff, just make sure to chat with someone from the company to find out the total price you’ll be shelling out.

Basically, you gotta pay based on how many miles you’re going and whether you want an open or enclosed transporter. So as you know, the price per mile is usually higher for shorter trips. So, if everything goes smoothly with the transport, that’s great! But, if something unexpected comes up and you have to cancel, just ask about the company’s policy for that.

Getting Your Car Ready for Transport Day, but make it casual!

Before you haul your car, make sure you do a few things to get it ready.

Make Sure There Aren’t Any Leaks

Take a look at the bottom of your car and see if any fluids are leaking. If it’s a really big leak, the company might just decide not to deal with it. If your ride is on top, those fluids could totally leak onto the car below. Just sayin’. The leak could also mean fluid flying backward while the hauler is moving.

If you see a leak, make sure to get it fixed before transport day so the company can haul your car, no problem!

Make Sure You Give Your Car’s Interior a Good Clean!

Make sure you don’t leave any random stuff in your car, okay? These might roll around during the trip and could get messed up.

Good companies make sure to screen their employees and deal with any issues that come up. But you definitely don’t wanna risk someone swiping your stuff. So, if you remove these things, you’ll still have them.

Make Sure You Give Your Ride’s Exterior a Good Cleaning!

You should also clean the outside of your car, not just the inside. Before your car gets on the hauler, someone from the company will check it out really well. They’ll look at the outside to see if there are any scratches, dents, chipped paint, or anything else messed up. Whenever the car’s dirty, the team member won’t be able to check it properly.

Cleaning the outside of your ride is actually pretty beneficial for you too. When your car is all spiffy, you can spot any dings, dents, or other damage. And if there weren’t any before the car got on the hauler, but something pops up after it arrives, you can make sure the issue will be taken care of. It’s best to save this task for as close to the inspection as possible.

Can You Turn Off Your Car’s Alarm System?

Turning off the alarm system will actually help the truck driver and everyone else on the road. Can you picture your car alarm just going off nonstop and how annoying it would be, even if it only happened for a little bit during the drive?

Make Sure to Check the Tire Pressure in Your Car!

So, you’ve been looking up “car shipping Arizona” because you’re either not up for or can’t be bothered to transport your car. You wouldn’t think tire pressure would be a problem when you’re just hauling and not driving, right? If your tires have too little or too much pressure, it’s a risk when it’s on the hauler

Don’t Put Gas in Before Transporting

You might wanna make sure your car is all set to go when it comes off the hauler, with a full tank of gas and everything. If you leave as little gas in the car as possible, it makes it super light for shipping and stuff. The driver already has enough weight with your car and the others, so trying to minimize any extra weight as much as possible reduces some risks.

Picking the right company and getting your car ready the right way will make sure your ride stays safe on its journey. It’ll also make things super easy and convenient for you, so you can relax and not worry about a thing.

If you’ve been looking up “car shipping Arizona,” you’ve probably found some useful info. But if you still have more questions, you can click here to learn more about how vehicle transport works.

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