Tips for Traveling Safely

Whether you travel frequently or only go on vacation once a year, staying safe is always a concern. Our world has changed a lot in recent years. If you are planning on taking a trip, the following tips will help you avoid many of the most common safety issues travelers sometimes face. It doesn’t matter where your destination is. Being safe should always be a top priority and something you always take seriously. These tips will protect you from being stranded without the resources you need to return home.

Always Be Aware of Your Surroundings

Know where you are at all times. Take mental notes of where exits are. Know who is sitting near you and look for authority figures in case of an emergency. Getting lost in a new location may be an adventure, but it can also be dangerous. Look for a restaurant or cafe where you can sit down and gather your thoughts. Take a few minutes to find out where you are and how you can get back to where you need to be.

Keep Your Medications With You

If you are traveling by plane, always keep your medication with you. You will have access to them at all times, and they won’t be stolen or lost if your luggage happens to be misplaced. It’s also a good idea to keep your contact lenses and eyeglasses with you as well. These are essential items that are difficult to replace if they are lost.

Don’t Flash Your Cash

If you travel with cash, don’t show how much you are holding when you go to check out at a restaurant. Buy a few traveler’s checks and put some of it on a prepaid debit card. Only keep a small amount of cash on hand to pay for items. It’s also a good idea to hide cash in several places aside from your wallet. Putting money in multiple places will ensure you have a little left if the rest of your cash is lost or stolen.

Know Where You Are Going

Before you leave home, do your research. Make a list of places you want to go as well as places you might want to avoid. Find out where the police station is and pick out a few restaurants to try. Buy a map of the area and install a map app that you can use to guide you while you are on the road. The more you familiarize yourself with your destination, the less likely you will be to get lost.

Don’t Act Like a Tourist

Tourists often stand out from the crowd and make themselves easy targets for scammers and other predators. Act like a local and admire your surroundings quietly. Pointing out all the most common attractions is a big hint that you are new to the area. Being familiar with the area before you arrive is the best way to not look like a vulnerable tourist.

Make Copies of All Your Important Documents

Before you leave, make copies of your ID, driver’s license, insurance information, and birth certificate. Keep a copy of your important documents at home and put another copy in one of your carry-on bags. This will allow you to move forward if you lose your wallet or it is stolen. Make sure to keep them close by while you are out exploring your destination.

Carry a Track Phone

Carry a Track phone and use it while you are actually on the road. Keep your regular cell phone in your carry-on luggage. If someone tries to steal your phone, they will get a disposable one that doesn’t contain your personal information. It will also provide you with a backup form of communication if your other phone gets broken or lost.

When you arrive at your hotel, get to know the staff. Hotels like First Choice Inns, take pride in serving their guests. They can answer your questions about the area and offer suggestions about possible transportation as well as popular local events.

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