Mousse de Mélamine: Revolutionizing Acoustic Excellence

In the realm of acoustic innovation, one material stands out as a beacon of excellence – Mousse de Mélamine, more commonly known as melamine foam. This cutting-edge creation by BASF, under the brand BASOTECT™, has redefined the possibilities in acoustical solutions, offering a harmonious blend of functionality, versatility, and aesthetic appeal.

The Enchanting Properties of Mousse de Mélamine

Mousse de Mélamine, with its distinct open-cell structure in light gray or white, has become synonymous with superior sound absorption, thermal insulation, and fire resistance. Its remarkable properties make it an ideal choice for applications in architectural acoustics, ensuring not only optimal sound control but also a touch of elegance in design.

A Symphony of Shapes

BASOTECT offers Mousse de Mélamine in various geometric shapes, each catering to specific design requirements:

  • Circular Harmony: Explore the Basotect Melamine Foam Circle in sizes of 25mm, 50mm, 75mm, and 100mm.
  • Hexagonal Elegance: Embrace the Basotect Melamine Foam Hexagon with dimensions of 25mm, 50mm, 75mm, and 100mm.
  • Triangular Brilliance: Experience the Basotect Melamine Foam Triangle, available in 25mm, 50mm, 75mm, and 100mm sizes.

Unveiling Technical Marvels

Diverse Foams for Varied Needs

BASOTECT ensures that Mousse de Mélamine meets specific requirements with different foam types, including Basotect® TG, Basotect® W, Basotect® B, Basotect® G+, and Basotect® UF+.

Fire-Resistant Fortitude

With a fire resistance rating up to Class 0, Mousse de Mélamine guarantees a safe and controlled environment, aligning with the highest safety standards.

Dimensions and Density

The foam is available in sheets with maximum dimensions of 2500mm x 1250mm x 500mm, providing flexibility in application. The UF+ variant boasts a standard density of 9 kg/m³, ensuring both lightness and robustness.

Thermal Wizardry

Mousse de Mélamine showcases excellent thermal conductivity, adding an additional layer of functionality to its already impressive repertoire.

Acoustic Brilliance

Attaining a Class A acoustic performance rating, Mousse de Mélamine proves to be a versatile solution for addressing a wide spectrum of frequency-related challenges.

Precision and Versatility

With a cutting tolerance of 2%, precision is a hallmark of Mousse de Mélamine. Its versatility extends to being easily cut and adapted to specific project requirements, making it an ideal choice for creative applications.

The Allure of BASOTECT™ Mélamine Foam

Lightweight Prowess

Mousse de Mélamine, under the BASOTECT umbrella, boasts remarkable profitability and lightness, making it an excellent choice for projects where weight is a critical consideration.

Formable Freedom

Its excellent thermal conductivity is complemented by the ability to be thermoformed, allowing for customization to fit specific project requirements with ease.

Installation Simplicity and Resilient Durability

Easy to handle and quick to install, Mousse de Mélamine proves to be a resilient choice with its abrasive nature, ensuring longevity in diverse applications.

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Cutting-Edge Capabilities

Its easy-cutting nature, coupled with the ability to be wrapped and cut to size on CNC machines, enhances its adaptability for diverse projects.

Customization and Safety

Available in a range of faces and self-adhesives, Mousse de Mélamine offers high fire performance, making it a secure choice for interiors where safety is paramount.

Flexibility and Aesthetic Appeal

Mousse de Mélamine’s flexibility enables its use in a variety of applications, including wall panels, ceiling rafts, baffles, and more. Available in both white and gray, it enhances the overall aesthetic appeal of spaces.

Embracing the Mousse de Mélamine Advantage

Tailored Marvels

Mousse de Mélamine’s versatility allows it to be custom-cut to fit specific project requirements, offering tailored solutions that cater to a spectrum of creative applications.

Aesthetic Symphony

Whether in the elegance of white or the sophistication of gray, Mousse de Mélamine adds a touch of visual allure, making it an excellent choice for architects and designers seeking both functionality and aesthetics.

Safety and Assurance

With a fire resistance rating up to Class 0 and adherence to stringent safety standards, Mousse de Mélamine provides a secure and compliant solution for interior applications, ensuring peace of mind for designers and end-users alike.

Acoustic Harmony

The superior sound absorption capabilities of Mousse de Mélamine make it an ideal choice for creating environments that exude serenity and comfort.

Conclusion: Elevating Design with Mousse de Mélamine

In the grand symphony of architectural acoustics, Mousse de Mélamine takes center stage, offering a revolutionary approach to sound control, thermal insulation, and fire resistance. As an embodiment of innovation and versatility, this remarkable material under the BASOTECT brand not only meets the functional demands of modern design but also elevates the aesthetic quotient of spaces it graces. Embrace the enchantment of Mousse de Mélamine for a transformative journey into a world where form, function, and elegance converge seamlessly.

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