Strategies to Enhance the Recruitment Process with Online Skills Testing

Many people have become more familiar with psychometric testing. Yes, although we are already familiar with online skills testing, psychometric assessment is not the kind of test that was meant for a replacement.

Instead, combining the skills test with psychometric assessment is what many businesses have done today, and it’s beneficial as the combination can effectively shorten the time and money required to do the recruitment process.

The actual result of this combination has also been proven by many studies. Like SHRM, for example, the result of the study is a conclusion that mentions that the psychometric tests can have a 30% solid chance to have better candidate retention rates and increase the efficiency of the recruitment by up to 20%. And yes, that’s a number that can’t be neglected.

In this article, we want to explain what are the strategies to use to enhance the recruitment process using both the skills test and psychometric assessment.

What Are The Psychometric Testing

Let us first understand the concept of psychometric testing. Similar to skills tests, psychometrics is a kind of assessment or tool to measure someone’s value. Not only limited to psychological attributes, the test will also cover other areas as well, including personal traits, habits, skills, and cognitive abilities.

Seeing how wide the spectrums that the test can cover, psychometric testing can help employers have deeper insights into the candidate’s true value. These conditions would make it easier to find the most suitable individuals for the job opening.

Different Types of Psychometric Testing

There are different types of psychometric testing that employers can use according to their recruitment needs and goals. As each testing can be tailored to the company’s needs, psychometric testing may explore a diverse range of evaluations.

And to accommodate them, there are several psychometric tests that can be used:

  • Cognitive tests – The assessment to measure someone’s cognitive abilities by seeing their logical reasoning, critical thinking, and problem-solving skills.
  • Skills tests – Psychometrics also covers the skills tests related to the job’s specifics. If the company wants to look for a coder, the kind of test would be about coding proficiency and teamwork abilities.
  • Personality tests – A kind of test used to assess someone’s personal traits to gain better insight into how they would behave and communicate with fellow members at the workplace.
  • Situational judgment tests – This is the test to assess how they would handle various different situations at the workplace.

Strategies to Implement Psychometric Testing

At this point, we’ve understood that psychometric testing can offer some benefits for employers. Aside from keeping them away from spending much time and money on recruitment, they will also have a better chance to recruit more suitable and professional people for their team.

By recruiting the most suitable individuals, employers will also have a better chance to succeed. In short, integrating psychometric testing can effectively fulfill all recruitment goals.

Although the test itself is considered great for supporting the recruitment process, there are several strategies the employers should do in order to ensure that everything is going smoothly.

The strategies may help employers to leverage the testing more ethically and effectively in their recruitment campaigns.

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Define The Objectives

The first strategy to implement this online skills testing is by defining the recruitment objectives. We understand that companies surely want to have more professional candidates at their workplaces. However, it’s also important for them to understand the objectives beforehand.

By knowing about the objectives, employers can find what kind of skills and abilities they need for their businesses and align them with the job role. That way, they can craft the appropriate tests better.

Focuses on Reliability

The psychometric online skills testing should also be validated and tested beforehand. It’s essential for the employers to find the tests that are considered reliable. They can find references on what kind of suitable test to use and partner with test professionals to evaluate and improve the more appropriate psychometric testing.

Keep The Tests Align with Requirements

Another great strategy to apply is by aligning the tests with the job requirements. By tailoring the assessment to specific job requirements, employers will have a better chance to have meaningful insights into the suitability of the candidates.


Both psychometric and skills testing are a great combination to achieve a more effective recruitment process. Using the strategies above may help to get a better chance at hiring more suitable candidates for the required job roles. That way, the recruitment process can be smoother as the employers don’t need to spend much time, money, and effort.

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