The Best Free Online Guitar Lessons

If you want to learn guitar but can’t afford face-to-face lessons, there are some great free online resources. These sites have a huge library of solid video lessons.

Lessons are designed for beginners and focus on key techniques without being patronizing. Also included are a good selection of songs and riffs that you can practice.

Guitar Tricks

Free online guitar lessons are a great way to learn the basics of playing. Most of these courses provide step-by-step instructions that cover a variety of topics, from chords to lead guitar techniques. Some offer a combination of learning by song and music theory, which is a good way to keep engagement high. It is also important to practice often, especially with a guitar teacher nearby. Face-to-face lessons can be helpful for feedback and guidance, but sometimes they’re not feasible. Many of the instructors with free lessons in this BCG also offer online live classes or individual coaching as an optional extra.

The meilleurs cours de guitare en ligne gratuit are designed to meet the needs of various learning styles. Some are geared toward visual learners who prefer video tutorials, while others are more effective at providing written instruction. Some even provide interactive tabs to help users play along with a song, which can be useful for beginners who are unsure how to read musical notation. Some of these online guitar lessons are available for a free trial period.

One of the most popular free online guitar lessons is Songsterr, which has been around since 2008. This site offers a library of over 800,000 songs that you can download and practice with. Users can choose from a range of different songs, including contemporary pop and rock hits. This website also has a community where players can connect with other learners and ask questions about the song.

Another popular website for guitar lessons is Guitar Tricks, which features a large selection of songs and lesson videos. The site focuses on teaching intermediate players, although it does have some great beginner content as well. It also offers a paid subscription option that includes personalized coaching and more advanced lessons.

The lessons on Guitar Tricks are usually easy to follow and feature an interactive tab that shows a musical score of the song. They can also be played in multiple tempos, which allows you to practice your new skills. The site also has an extensive collection of songs by famous artists, making it a great resource for learning how to play the guitar.


Whether you’re a beginner or an advanced player, there’s always something new to learn. Online guitar lessons allow you to progress quickly without the cost of face-to-face tuition, and you can practice whenever and wherever you want. However, you should remember that learning to play guitar is a long process and you’ll have to dedicate a lot of time before you see any real results. Nevertheless, you can get a leg up by using apps like SmartChords, which allows you to play along with famous riffs and helps you memorize chords. If you’re a serious musician, you’ll also need to have some free software on your computer, such as Amplify, which lets you use a microphone to record yourself playing and then analyzes the sound and helps you improve your skills.

One of the most popular online guitar lesson sites is Jam Track Central. The site offers a variety of lesson packs that cover various topics. For example, it has a series of lessons that focus on improving alternate picking. Another lesson pack covers techniques used by famous guitar players, including Eddie Van Halen and Joe Bonamassa. In addition, Jam Track Central has lessons on topics such as guitar amplifier reviews and how to find the right tone for a particular genre of music.

Many intermediate and advanced guitarists hit a glass ceiling with their skill level, so they look for ways to improve their performance. Jam Track Central is a well-known platform that provides lessons by top-notch artists. However, it does not cater to specific long-term goals or provide a clear structure for its learning paths.

Another great option is TrueFire, a site that features a roster of big-name teachers, including Joe Bonamassa, Grech Koch, Tommy Emmanuel, and Tim Pierce. It also offers free video guitar lessons, and you can even submit your videos to be assessed by an instructor.

Aside from providing guitar lessons, the website also offers a variety of other music-related activities and is available in multiple languages. Users can access the site’s content on their smartphones, tablets, and computers. They can also listen to songs and watch videos on the website, which makes it a convenient way to study for exams or take a break.


If you’re looking for a more personalized approach to learning guitar then ArtistWorks may be the site for you. The website offers a range of courses from Paul Gilbert (yes, the famous guitarist) that are geared towards beginners through to intermediate and advanced players. They also offer a unique video exchange system where you can send videos of your practicing to an instructor for feedback.

This is a great way to get specific, actionable advice on what you need to work on, and it’s an excellent way to keep track of your progress. The only drawback is that it can take a bit of time to get the feedback you need, but with a little patience, it’s worth it.

The lessons themselves are incredibly well-structured and easy to follow. The site uses a library of lesson videos where the course tutor explains and demonstrates each technique, along with slow-motion isolation videos to practice key aspects of the skill. For example, in the Rock Guitar course, virtuoso guitarist Paul Gilbert structures his lessons around the difficulties he faced when he first started playing left-handed, explaining things like how to build calluses and achieve the perfect tone. He also offers a recap of the lessons so far halfway through the level and a final outro video where he sums up what you’ve learned and what to focus on next.

Aside from the bespoke lesson videos, ArtistWorks provides additional resources including chord libraries, chord charts, and a large number of video tutorials on how to play various songs and techniques. These video tutorials are a great way to improve your technique and learn new riffs and tricks. The only downside is that they are only available to members.

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While ArtistWorks isn’t the cheapest online guitar lesson service, it is one of the best, and they have an unbeatable roster of instructors and a supportive community. They offer a wide variety of lessons for a variety of styles including rock, blues, jazz, and classical, as well as ukulele and bass. They also have a great selection of free guitar lessons for those just starting out.


This site is a relative newcomer to the market and has only been around for a few years, but it’s grown fast. Their instructors are consistent and do a great job of teaching the basics. They also make the lessons fun and don’t come across as patronizing, something that can happen in some beginner courses. They also have a lot of resources and learning paths to help you get started.

Guitar offers a wide variety of courses, songs, and tutorials for all levels. Their introductory course, called Method, teaches you the very basic basics of playing the guitar. It’s a bit long at 6 lessons but is a very comprehensive and useful introduction to the basics of how to play guitar. The intermediate courses are a little more in-depth and cover topics like chord progressions, reading music, and playing in different keys. The advanced courses are also fairly in-depth and cover topics such as improvisation, and playing with a capo.

The site has a decent selection of songs and chord sheets for popular music, but it would have been nice if they had more song lessons. It is also worth pointing out that while they do have a good range of songs, there are no other instruments (such as the ukulele, banjo, or lap-steel guitar) taught on the website.

There is a good amount of free content on the site, including lessons and exercises, and you can access it on both desktop computers and mobile devices. You can also subscribe to their video feed of live streamed lessons, and their Q&A sessions are very helpful for getting quick answers to questions.

One of the best features of Guitareo is its large library of downloads, which includes songs, technical exercises, and jam tracks that you can practice to. There is also a range of PDF downloads which include sheet music and chord charts for the lessons you’re working on. The site also has a large community and forums for discussion and support.

The site is run by an impressive group of coaches, including renowned YouTube guru Rob Scallon. There is a great mix of experienced teachers and students on the site, and they offer a variety of different viewpoints. The site also features a student focus tab, where you can submit your own videos for feedback from other students.

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