How Much Does Composite Decking Cost in the United States?

Composite decks are popular because they are low-maintenance and cheap. Wooden decks may rot or warp in due course. But, composite decks made from both natural and synthetic materials do not have these issues. However, how much should you invest in constructing composite decks on your property? Most professionals recommend buying the Qwickbuild modular deck frame to ensure an easy installation and save costs. Still, various factors may affect the cost of your composite decking project.

Decking materials: Cost of composite boards

Composite boards for decking cost around $5 to $13 per square foot. The board quality can make a difference in the cost. Quality boards are highly resilient and have a warranty of around 25 years. So, their costs are slightly higher, although you get long-term benefits. 

Moreover, boards are available with varying thickness levels. The maximum thickness is about 25mm. The thinner ones have a thickness of 20mm. Furthermore, the customizable appearance is another advantage of the best-quality composite decking material. Thicker boards are known for higher durability and longevity. What’s more, they have a protective coating of resin to prevent fading and damage to the material.

Shape and design of the deck

Your deck’s shape is another factor affecting the cost. Building a simple rectangular shape is a cost-effective option. But, a complex-shaped deck with several angles and sides makes the construction process time-consuming. As the constructors need advanced carpentry skills, they will charge a higher rate.

Preparing the site

Some decking professionals impose a separate charge for site preparation. For instance, it may cost at least $800 to do land leveling before installing the deck. Moreover, if you want to replace your existing wooden deck, it makes the project costlier. Wooden deck replacement cost is about $15 to $20 per square meter or foot. Some homeowners replace only the wooden decking with high-quality composite materials. However, if framing materials and the original structure of the deck are manufactured with wood, the joists and the overall structure should be in flawless condition.  

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Composite decking cost

Some homeowners want to invest in add-ons to improve the composite deck.

  • Adding railings will increase the cost of the project.
  • Hidden fasteners will create a smooth and uncluttered appearance of the deck. 
  • You may create a fire pit to develop the best outdoor ambiance.
  • The cost of deck lighting is more than $1,000. Proper lighting is important for using the deck at night.
  • Composite deck stairs will add to the overall cost.


Composite deck frames with a customizable design have become highly popular. They are insect-resistant and splinter-free. Made from recycled materials, composite decks are eco-friendly. They do not need much maintenance to retain the original look. You may use a liquid dish soap to clean the surface of your deck. Warm water helps you remove the grease and stains from the surface. To know the cost of composite decking, you can consult professionals. You may also purchase DIY deck-building frames to save costs.

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