Why Golf Is The Perfect Sport To Take You Outdoors

Looking for a reason to spend more outdoors and surrounded by nature this year? You don’t have to stick to hiking or biking…. We believe golf is the perfect sport to take you outdoors. Here’s why! 

The Scenic Beauty of Golf Courses 

Nobody can deny that golf courses are amongst the most beautiful places in the world. We could all do with a bit more natural beauty in our lives… So here’s why it’s an excellent reason to get out on the golf course. 

Beautiful Surroundings 

The meticulously maintained fairways and greens, stunning views, and closeness to nature bring a calm beauty to your day. They say that the outside reflects the inside, and spending time in surroundings such as this helps to cultivate a calmer, more beautiful inner world. 

Sunshine and Fresh Air 

Getting on the course isn’t just about beauty—getting sunlight and fresh air is crucial for your health too. Many of us are deficient in vitamin D, which can lead to symptoms like muscle weakness, muscle and bone pain, and mood changes. 

Evidence shows that spending time outdoors can boost both physical and mental health! Golf is one of the few sports where you get the perfect combination of fresh air, sunlight, and nature. 

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Mental Clarity From the Natural World 

Studies also show that spending time in nature is a wonderful stress reliever. Fresh air means your brain is receiving more oxygen, improving your mood, helping your body to work more smoothly, and overall improving your well-being. 

Contrast that to being stuck in an office or exercising in a confined space like a gym where you don’t get fresh air… The difference is huge! 

More Than Just a Walk in the Park 

Golf is a much more physically demanding sport than you might realize! Getting onto the golf course doesn’t just boost your mental health, but it does wonders for your physical health too. Here’s how: 

Excellent Cardiovascular Workout 

One round of golf can consist of 10,000+ steps (if you leave the golf cart at the clubhouse!) Walking the ups and downs of a course is a great way to get your heart pumping and blood flowing—the perfect way to keep your cardiovascular system working without overdoing it. 

Light Muscular Workout 

Everything from your quads to your biceps gets a light workout during the golf swing. If you’re swinging with good form, your core, arms, shoulders, and chest muscles engage. You won’t look like a bodybuilder, but you will build some muscle, which is great for power on the golf swing. 

Low-impact and Suitable for Everyone 

Golf is an excellent choice for those with joint issues, thanks to its low-impact nature. Your joints will thank you, and you’ll still manage to get a good cardio workout without adding any extra strain. The injury risk is very low in comparison to other, higher-impact sports. 

Great Calorie Burner 

You can burn between 1,500 and 2,000 calories per round of golf just by swinging your clubs and walking! It’s a great addition to any weight-maintenance routine and can help support your weight goals if paired with a healthy diet. 

Sense of Exploration and Adventure 

Golf encourages fun and new experiences! Each course is a new landscape, and no matter where you are, you can find a beautiful golf course to visit. While it seems sophisticated, there’s an element of adventure to every swing! 

Travel to New Places 

If you love traveling, golf is the perfect sport for you. Everyone knows that golf courses are some of the most beautiful destinations in the world… So it’s the perfect sport to mix with travel experiences. 

Whether you travel for business or for leisure, there’s almost always guaranteed to be a stunning golf course nearby. Put together your bucket list and start treating yourself to the best golf of your life—there are so many spectacular courses around the world! 

The Perfect Blend of Activity and Escape 

Golf is the ideal way to escape from the bustle of the big city and relax, but it’s not a mindless activity. You still need to think, strategize, analyze, and execute your shots—it’s the perfect blend of relaxation and stimulation. 

If you need a day where you just clear your mind and don’t think about much, you can do that on the golf course. But it’s also the ideal way to relax and enjoy some leisure time while building problem-solving skills and engaging the brain at the same time. 

Social and Networking Opportunities 

Golf is an excellent way to network outside of the stuffy boardroom or noisy expos. Everyone is more relaxed and the benefits of nature and fresh air can extend to business meetings, friendships, or bonding with family. 

One of the best things about golf is its versatility. Yes, it’s great for business networking. It’s a fun way to hang out with friends and have some friendly competition. If your partner enjoys it, a round of golf could be a fun way to bond. 

But it’s also a lovely way to have some alone time. When you just need to get away and have some breathing room, the course is also there for you. 

Your Invitation to the Outdoors 

We know you can get outdoors any time you want. Hike, biking, walking the dog, going for a jog, and countless other activities serve similar purposes. But we love golf and truly believe it’s the best sport to take you outdoors. 

Next time you’re missing the sunlight on your skin, craving a bit of fresh air, or need a mental break from the world, don’t just head to the local park. Consider hitting the golf course—it’s your invitation to blend easy exercise with mental challenge, in a setting as beautiful as a movie. 

Golf offers the perfect reason to trade a screen for sunshine and experience the profound impact of time spent in nature. Try it yourself—find the nearest golf course, driving range, or putt-putt course where you can hit some golf balls and have some fun! 

About the Author 

Jordan Fuller is a retired golfer and businessman. When he’s not on the course working on his own game or mentoring young golfers, he writes in-depth articles for his website, Golf Influence.

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