Minecraft: How to Enchant

Purchase cheap Minecraft accounts at U7BUY! In Minecraft, being able to craft tools, weapons, and armor is important for survival. However, sometimes even with the most powerful base equipment, there can still be certain struggles whether it be in battle or while exploring. This is where enchanting comes in, which is able to give the player special buffs and unique abilities!

So how do you enchant your equipment? First, you are going to figure out the method that you will be using. There are two main ones, which use either the enchanting table or the anvil. The anvil can be used only when you have found or have created an enchanted book. Enchanted books contain a certain enchantment inside that can be taken into your inventory.

Enchanted books can be found in village houses or even in temples and other hidden structures. In order to make an enchanted book, you need to craft a book using leather and paper and place it on the enchanting table to choose the enchantment of your liking. That book can then be placed in an anvil. Here can the book and the equipment of choice be placed together to add the enchantment.

The second main method is the enchanting table. The enchanting table can be a little expensive to craft, as it requires four obsidian blocks (which requires a diamond pickaxe to collect) and one diamond along with a book. The enchanting table is incredibly worthwhile though, as it can directly give the player access to all possible enchantments for their equipment.

There is a way however to make the enchantments that you can get more powerful. Adding bookshelves around the enchanting table is a great way to increase the chances of stacked enchantments. For example, instead of getting Looting I, you can get Looting II or III! Enchantments like these cause more loot to drop, making it important to get these higher numbers.

It is also important to note that enchanting on an enchantment table costs two things. Lapis Lazuli and experience orbs/points. Depending on the power of the enchantment, the amount of each will be different. Going back to Looting, for example, Looting III is going to cost much more than Looting I.

The same logic goes for when enchanting with the Anvil, only you won’t need to spend any Lapis Lazuli. Only experience orbs work here, but it would be wise to go hunting for mobs for more experience orbs before enchanting. Be careful though, as it is always possible to die and lose all the experience you’ve collected!

Enchanting makes up a great part of Minecraft and is arguably necessary as you travel through dimensions like the Nether and The End. With enough practice and experience orbs, however, and you will be able to build up your abilities easily and master the arts of the enchanting table and books. Buy Minecraft coins at U7BUY at great deals!

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